VIP Rooms 

No More Waiting in Line

If you’re looking for a special evening out, consider a private screening of a new release in one of the Park Theatre’s V.I.P. rooms. You’ll be guaranteed first seating, no matter how full the theatre is or how late you arrive. With room for 2-5 guests, you’ll enjoy concessions delivered right to your room while you avoid the movie-going crowd.

All of our V.I.P. packages include movie tickets, plus a small popcorn, medium beverage (including water) and candy treat for each person. You’ll also receive a free refill on your popcorn and drink, as well as a Thank You gift from the Park. As an added bonus, you have the option of bringing in the beverage of your choice! Call us today at 218-732-3461 to reserve you V.I.P. Room.

V.I.P. Room Rentals



  • 3-D $55.00

  • 2-D $50.00

5 People

  • 3-D $105.00

  • 2-D $95.00

*Prices may vary for Block Buster Movies

Holiday Pricing

  • 2-Person room $5.00 more

  • 5 Person room $10.00 more