V.I.P.  Rooms

2-Person    3-D  $55.00
                             2-D  $50.00             

5 People    3-D  $105.00
                             2-D    $95.00            

 All Prices include : Tickets, Small popcorn, Med. Beverage,
or water, Candy treat, (1-Free refill on pop & Popcorn)
& a Thank you gift. 

The main purpose of the V.I.P. rooms are Privacy of course:
It also guarantees you the room ,your seats," together",
1st seating , no matter where you are in line or if you show up late; your concessions  are also brought to your room.
The V.I.P. rooms is the only place you are welcome
to bring your own Beverage of Choice if you so wish.

(Prices may vary according to Block Buster Movies)
Holidays --- 2-Person room $5. more
5 Person room  $10.00 more

(Text  218-849-9916)

Must Pay in advance 
WE also welcome Birthday Parties, call for Pricing